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Turnstile and Door Scanners

With our proprietary hardware, ticket scanners can be built appropriately to fit any turnstile or access control area. The scanners will scan 2-d barcodes from paper tickets, plastic cards and mobile phones. Optional RFID scanners can also be added if high security RFID tickets are required. Even fingerprint and face recognition are possible.

With a separate operator screen, the status of the scanned ticket is displayed so there is no confusion for your staff.

VMS Access Control provides a real time display of occupancy levels for any area, making control easier to manage.

VMS Access Control can also be set up for automated staff clock in and out, meaning that details of when staff arrive and leave are recorded on their individual record. This information can be used in conjunction with the VMS Accounting module, and the VMS Reporting functionality to produce timesheets, rotas and pay calculations at the click of a button.

Turnstile Monitor / Counter

For many venues, monitoring the number of people entering the venue is critical for safety reasons. Using the Turnstile Scanners will automatically record numbers of people entering through the turnstile. However, if there are some turnstiles that do not have a scanner e.g. for taking cash at the turnstile, an alternative method of recording the count of people in the grounds is required.

VMS Turnstile Monitor is a stand alone dedicated micro-controller which monitors the count of up to 32 turnstiles (if you need more, you can link together multiple monitors). This is fully robust and can operate for up to 4 hours in the case of mains failure. As it is a safety critical system, it will operate stand alone even if other computers and networks in the venue fail. Data from the turnstile monitor can be automatically transferred to the main Venue Management program for display on any number of computers around the grounds e.g. in the police control box. Reports on the number of people in the grounds and flow rates are immediately available.


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