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All tickets include a two dimensional barcode, capable of containing a large amount of information.
This ensures that the ticket is unique and it is virtually impossible to guess a valid number. The barcode is read by Venue Management’s entry systems to ensure that the ticket can only be used once. So while it is easy to copy a paper ticket or forward messages sent to a mobile phone, only one of the tickets will be permitted entry.

Tickets can be sold in several ways:

Pre-printed ticket stock

Customer purchase a ticket through the Venue Management online ticket shop on pre-printed ticket stock. Batch printed and posted by club.

photos of pre-printed ticket.

Plain ticket stock

Customer can purchase a ticket through the Venue Management online ticket shop.


The ticket, which includes a 2-d barcode can be printed direct by the customer on their own PC. This means no administrative time or cost to the club.


Or the club can print on standard ticket stock.

photo of plain ticket stock.

Mobile phone

Customers can purchase a ticket through the Venue Management online ticket shop.


The 2-d barcode (DataMatrix) is sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone which means that no physical ticket needs to be printed saving administrative time and costs.

Photo of smart phone with 2D ticket on screen.

Plastic cards

Customers purchase a ticket through the Venue Management online ticket shop. It is printed on plastic cards eg for season ticket holders which are then batch printed and posted by the club.

Photo of examples of two different plastic card tickets.

Ticket stock could consist of cardboard for day tickets, plastic for season tickets.


If access control is not required, tickets can be printed for low cost on paper using thermal or dot-matrix printers.


Event details, membership details, staff details etc. are printed on to ticket when issued. Flexible options are available for example printing Prepaid on tickets that have been paid for, or printing name and addresses for membership tickets.


Tickets for singles, groups, tournaments etc.

The Tickets module is a simplified version of the full Venue Ticketing module for events that do not need to complexity of different areas and seats allocated to tickets.


The Tickets module allows you to set up events and allocate a number of tickets of certain types e.g. for a football tournament you may want to offer space for up to 100 teams to register. Teams would register, pay online and print out their details. In house reporting would allow management of the event on the day.


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