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Season Tickets / Membership

Full contact details are available for anyone from sales leads, members, season ticket holders to one-off customers. The club can enter as much or as little information as time permits. For example selling tickets on the day of match with a queue of thousands of people you need to print a ticket as quickly as possible, however for telephone transactions you need to at least take an address to send any tickets to.


You can have multiple contacts for each member e.g. individuals in a company may have their own membership ticket, or details on all the members of a family may be entered.


Different classes of season ticket are available. For example, you may have season tickets for rugby or football.


Depending upon the event type, either the season ticket holder’s usual seat can be booked, or if the event does not allow free access to season ticket holders discounted tickets could be offered to them.


A set seat may be automatically allocated to the season ticket holder for every applicable event, or the season ticket may give entry into the standing area of the stadium.


You can combine season tickets with other user definable membership types for example ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, or ‘Bees’ membership to give other benefits to the customer such as entry to different bars.


Other types of membership ticket may be issued that are not season tickets for example car park tickets, or Bees membership which allows members to purchase discounted or concession match tickets.


Each of these ticket types can have different print formats on the tickets and are completely user definable. Existing print formats can be transferred allowing new ticket types to be created quickly.


Each member can have multiple ticket sales.


Season tickets for the following year can be booked concurrently with season tickets for the current year.


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