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Memberships and Direct Debit Collections

The Memberships system allows you to offer a flexible payment scheme to your customers to encourage them to become members and take up additional services as and when you offer them, paying a single monthly charge which they can cancel at any time and change their packages at any time (you can specify a notice period).


This means that you can encourage more customers to take up a season ticket and gym membership without having to pay finance charges. It also ensures that the club has a regular monthly income throughout the season.


Memberships can be used for anything from football season seats, gym, car parking, match day programme, hospitality, coffee club, beer club, discounted club shop purchases to any other promotional program you may develop in the future



The member receives a single membership card which is automatically recognised by Venue Management turnstile and door controllers, EPOS tills, and purchases through the public website.


Venue Management automatically produces monthly Direct Debit files for collection of the fees.


A full history of payments is associated against each member’s record.


You can define a policy of what to do in the event of a Direct Debit bouncing e.g. recollect a number of times, then contact the customer by phone, and blocking the card from entry to events, the gym and obtaining discounts.

Screenshot of membership dashboard.