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Venue Management Systems

EPOS & Order Board

The Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system allows Venue Management to operate with touch screen tills to allow rapid sales of goods e.g. at bars, coffee shops and restaurant.


The Order Board solves the problem of serving food in busy places where customers need to collect their orders from a collection point when it is ready. Customers can now see instantly when their order is ready.


The products available through the system are fully configurable by the club and can be organised into departments and groups. The till layout, and button colours are configurable by the club. A Favourites button lists all products in order of most number sold for rapid access to popular items.


Products can have options with different prices e.g. Cappuccino – Tall, Grande, Venti.


Products can have user enterable information e.g. shirts bought in the club shop may have a user entered name printed on them.


Tabs can be added for example when adding items to a restaurant bill.


Receipts can be printed at the local till and at remote printers e.g. sending a copy direct to the kitchen or the coffee counter.


Sales can be allocated against club members so that full CRM information is available e.g. tracking of customer purchase from tickets, to club shop to bar.


A wide range of promotional offers is available e.g. discounts for combinations of products, or percentage discounts on pressing certain promotional offer buttons, or discounts applicable only to certain members. Offers can also be set to apply on certain days of the week or certain times, or on event days / non-event days.

Screenshot of the till layout.


The till can scan membership cards and staff passes so that discounts can be offered to members and sales tracked.


The system is fully integrated with the public internet club shop system and stock control system so you can maintain a single set of stock levels, or separate sets of levels as required.


If EPOS tills with a customer display are chosen, promotional messages can be displayed to the customer.


Promotional messages can be printed on receipts.


Multiple payment methods are accepted for orders e.g. several cards and cash paying off a tab, or offering cash back to a customer paying on a card.


The EPOS till may double up as a clock in/out terminal for staff, as they scan their staff passes when they arrive and leave.


The EPOS system allows you to sell tickets, memberships and shop items from a single terminal rather than having separate dedicated terminals.


Screenshot of Venue Management's EPOS end of shifts reports.

A single End of Shift summary can show takings from groups of tills, bookings and ticket sales in one simple report. Clicking on any row allows the download of a detailed breakdown in Excel.


Screenshot of a sales report downloaded from Venue management.


Order Board

The Order Board solves the problem of serving food in busy places where customers need to collect their orders from a collection point when it is ready.


Traditionally a ticket is issued, and a member of kitchen staff shouts out when that order number is ready.


However, in busy places it is often very difficult to hear this shout and food goes uncollected and is cold by the time the customer knows the order is ready. Or the customer waits anxiously, unsure if they have missed a shout.


The Order Board shows all orders in progress on one or more large screens to customers.


It shows how long they have been waiting, which is an incentive to kitchen staff to prioritise and get food ready as quickly as possible.


When the order is ready, the indicator flashes and turns green. If the order has not been collected for 5 minutes it turns red.


The Order Board is fully integrated with the EPOS system so that kitchen orders appear automatically when sold at a till. And the customer has their order number on their till receipt.


Kitchen staff have a tablet computer to see the current status, and simply touch the order when it is ready, and again when it has been collected.


The Order Board is also an ideal additional advertising opportunity as you have a captive audience of customers staring for a long time at it awaiting their order. Sponsored logos or messages can be added to Order Board.

Order board