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Venue Management Systems


Increased Revenue

Complete customer data management is possible, recording all transactions of your customers and potential customers. Efficient management of this data together with targeted mail shots for special events or promotions increases customer loyalty and so increases your revenue.


Provide special promotional ticketing packages that include a number of tickets together with some items from the club shop, a hospitality meal, or a sponsorship deal.


Club membership card may give special offers at the club shop so encouraging more business.


Reading out lists of members with birthdays on the match day and offering prizes to randomly selected members can make customers feel special and valued, so increasing repeat business.


Venue Management includes the ability to sell tickets to the public through a website, making it easier for people to purchase. Venue Management includes an online club shop to generate more revenue through online sales.


Extra sponsorship revenue can be generated from sponsors advertising on your online ticketing and shop sites.


Publicising the ability to send tickets direct to mobile phones will show that your organisation is at the forefront of technology and give an additional boost to your marketing materials.


Increased Efficiency

When tickets are sold online the customer can choose to printout the ticket, or have it sent to their mobile phone. So there is no need for staff to take orders, or print tickets and send through the post.


No need to search through batches of pre-printed tickets to locate particular seats when selling.


No need to count remaining tickets after an event to work out how many have been sold.


Instant accounting reports are available. Enabling everything from rapid cash reconciliations at the end of a day to full event reports.


With the automated turnstile entry, it is faster than manual entry, having to tear off a ticket stub, or take cash at a turnstile. Also there is no need to reconcile ticket stubs after the event.


All aspects of the business e.g. Ticket Sales, Club Shop, Football In the Community, Pitch Bookings and Room Bookings can be controlled through a single centralised database. This reduces duplication of data, allows more efficient reporting and efficient marketing.


Reduced Costs

Print only tickets required for each event so none are wasted.


Using automated turnstiles requires only a single turnstile operator per bank of turnstiles instead of one for each individual turnstile.


Linking turnstiles into ticketing system means no separate turnstile counting system needs to be maintained. Venue Management’s Turnstile Monitor acts as a backup if required.


Reduced accounting work, as reports, in whatever format is required, are instantly available.


Reduce losses due to fraud or ‘friends’ being allowed in to events without paying.