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Venue Management Systems

Access Control

Tickets are automatically recognised by the turnstile scanner.

Tickets cannot be passed back. Direct copying is always possible, but randomly generated security numbers associated with each ticket means that it is not possible to create similar tickets. I.e. at worst only one fraudulent ticket will be allowed access, assuming the holder arrived before the real owner of the ticket (then the real owner would be refused access and the matter would have to be resolved by a steward).

Ticket scanners can be built appropriately to fit the turnstiles or access control areas required. The screen is a touch screen which enables turnstile operators to perform tasks such as checking tickets and manually overriding the turnstile release.

Graphical on screen display shows instantly how full each section is becoming. Lists can be pulled up to show the names of everyone in the grounds. The location of staff members can be checked.

Access dates and times are completely flexible. For example holders of hospitality tickets or season tickets can be allowed in earlier than others.

Separate control for staff tickets, with ones that are allowed in as many times as required, others for one entry only.

Control of internal doors for entry to bars and squash courts etc.

picture of a Venue Management ticket scanner
A scanner configured to fit Wanzl turnstiles.



Details of scanned tickets can be accessed live, including total number of tickets, tickets by ticket type and various ticket attributes.


Screenshot of Venue Management screen: total tickets scanned

Stadium Entrance Report

Photos are taken when a ticket is scanned, these photos can be accessed live and used to identify permitted and refused customers. Future development may allow banned supporters to be automatically recognised with face recognition software and refused entry.

Screenshot of Venue Management dashboard: turnstile security.

Turnstile Security Photos

Turnstile Monitor

For many venues, monitoring the number of people entering the venue is critical for safety reasons.

Using the Turnstile Scanner, described in section 10, will automatically record numbers of people entering through the turnstile. However, if there are some turnstiles that do not have a scanner e.g. for taking cash at the turnstile, an alternative method of recording the count of people in the grounds is required.

Venue Management’s Turnstile Monitor is a stand alone dedicated micro-controller which monitors the count of up to 32 turnstiles (if you need more, you can link together multiple monitors). This is fully robust and can operate for up to 4 hours in the case of mains failure. As it is a safety critical system, it will operate stand alone even if other computers and networks in the venue fail.

Data from the turnstile monitor can be automatically transferred to the main Venue Management program for display on any number of computers around the grounds e.g. in the police control box.

Reports on the number of people in the grounds and flow rates are immediately available.

Photo of monitor with totals of amount of tickets scanned. Screenshot of Venue Management: terraces filling with ticket holders

Turnstile Kiosk

If turnstiles need to be manned in order for cash to be taken, a touch screen computer is set up within the turnstile.

This acts as a cash till, with buttons presented to the user e.g. for different concession types and ticket types relevant for the particular event. As buttons are pressed a total amount payable is displayed so that amount can be asked from the customer.

Once the customer pays, the turnstile is automatically released the appropriate number of times.

This allows management staff to have an instant view of how much cash has been taken and allows a rapid reconciliation of cash at the end of the day against the number of people allowed in, avoiding the need to keep and count up tickets stubs.

Screenshot of touch screen for manned turnstile.

Door Access Control

The turnstile controllers can also act as door access controllers. This can be to restrict certain areas to specific staff members who are issued a staff card. Or it can be to allow access to hospitality rooms and areas on event days.

Additionally wireless scanners can be used in hospitality areas where a more informal approach is required. Stewards scan customers’ tickets as they approach an area.

Staff Clocking In / Out

The turnstile controllers and EPOS tills can also act as staff clocking in / out terminals. Staff scan their cards when they enter or leave and a timesheets report can be automatically produced allowing simple payroll functions based on hourly attendance.